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Project Launch Client Intake Candidate Development Candidate Delivery Closure & Follow Up
Research Client company & industry

Key Hiring Executives (KHE) identified for project

Sub Action: KHE Learning

1. Identify & confirm target sources
2. What sourcing does Client envision?
• Deep original research
• Proprietary database
• Network
• Internal candidates, if any
Status reviews @ 30 day intervals w/HR & Key Hiring Executives Interview Team recap
• Feedback mandatory
Analyze Client's mission & culture
Conduct due diligence
1. Conduct stakeholder interviews with Interview Team
  • Build relationships to execute project.
  • What does Client want to know about Candidates?
2. Tour Operations
Sub Action: CANDIDATE INTERVIEWS Interactive reviews of emerging candidates Complete referencing
Agree on how we do business together Incorporate stakeholder input in Position Brief Analytics Candidate comparisons – Assessment of Client issues Present the offer
• Gain agreement
• Resignation
Write draft of Position Brief Sub Action: SYNC SEARCH PROCESSES Sub Action: REQUIRED CANDIDATE INPUT
Mandatory candidate input
• Search firm assessment
• Background review
• Deep referencing
In-depth candidate profiles Announcement letters
• Flowers
Project approval & official launch       Review @ 6 month post hire