The goal of our profession is to attract high caliber people resources for organizations. Clients want the skill, intellect and ethics these people bring to their enterprise.

Likewise, Clients engage for search expertise and counsel. We consider it essential to maintain the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.

business reputation is based on sustainable relationships with it's stakeholders. This includes Clients, Candidates, vendors, government and the local communities where we do business. As you review Web Home and practices and policies, you will find our ethics and business inseparable.

  Compliance both with the letter and the spirit of law.
  Actions taken will be fair for all concerned.
  Misleading or deceptive practices are not acceptable. Candidates who falsify information or mislead inquires about their qualifications are eliminated from consideration.
  More than just a requirement of law, Equal Employment Opportunity is the only practical approach to executive search. The human talent driving business is an increasingly scarce resource. Leadership comes in many different shapes, sizes and backgrounds. The real opportunity is for leaders to select from the very best talent and to permit their perspectives and diversity to add value.
  Advocacy for human rights and the extension of it's principles to all within sphere of influence.
  Function only within the good of public interest.
  exists only to serve it’s Clients. Conflicts of interest, including service limitations, are avoided since they are not acceptable. Should this situation arise, it is to be resolved through prompt disclosure and candid discussion.
  Always reflect favorably on the client and the highest standards of the search profession.
  works only for organizations. It does not represent, nor accept payments from, individuals seeking employment.
  Are executed thoroughly, with great attention to quality. Key deliverables for assignments include:
  • Speed of delivery, balanced by assignment goals, to mesh with the client's urgency.
  • Impartiality and objectivity.
  • Accuracy in communications with Clients and Candidates. Candor and full disclosure among all concerned is encouraged.
  • Protecting the client's best interests.

Information disclosed by Clients and Candidates is highly respected and shared only when relevant to the circumstances. Clients will be provided accurate information about Candidates that is appropriate to the project at hand. Candidates will be provided with current, appropriate briefings about the client organization and the current search project.

Candidates are important to professional practice. Accordingly, these stakeholders deserve special notes about our ethics and professionalism:

The subject of ethics has an almost inexhaustible array of topics. Should you have a specific question about how we work, please contact Patrick Delaney & Associates.


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