Typically, we are engaged to execute searches for Leadership functions (C-Level, P&L managers, etc) for our Clients. We think of these as critical-outcome hires - those in which you can not afford the results lost through a mis-hire.

To produce the results Clients need, we approach our search projects with a thorough approach to understanding the needs of the Key Hiring Executive and the organization’s culture.

The key objective of our work is to attract the right people who join your Team - for the right reasons. The beginnings of our national search practice date from 1990. The experience gained along the way serve us well as we identify, assess, qualify and attract the talent Clients require.

Each of our search projects are executed based on our Platinum Search Process, which we customize to fit your needs and culture. This process serves the key hiring executive’s critical hire from ‘cradle to grave’, with a keen eye on leveraging time and results for our Clients. Many of the elements of our search process provide thought leadership for our profession, and, are unique to our firm.

Here is how we work:

Our Principals are attuned to the issues facing CEOs and Boards of Directors. We regard our projects as Peer-to-Peer assignments.

Each Client is unique. Some want help articulating their needs or counsel through the search project. Others know precisely what they require.

The work of accomplishing your hire will be done by our Principals, not handed off to inexperienced people. Research is a key element of Executive Search Consulting. For this reason, our Principals are intimately involved in this research to consider all options and directions available to our Clients.

The foundation of our practice is exceptional quality and highly personalized service. Each year we commit to delivering only a small number of precision search assignments. These two factors provide enormous flexibility and responsiveness for our Clients.

Clients gain a wider ‘pool’ of Candidates from our policy of ‘one client per industry’. It also reflects our fundamental values of partnering with Clients - after all, our mission is to help you grow and succeed. To better understand this policy, please review our Off-Limits guarantee.

We have built the specialized tools, skills and attitudes to serve executive leaders and Boards of Directors when they must hire senior executives with proven leadership talent.

Past search experience includes members of the Executive Team, Operations, Engineering, Accounting & Finance, Technology, Sales, Marketing and Human Resources.

The foundation for our work has multiple building blocks:
1. Ethics
2. Absolute trust with each stakeholder in the search project.
3. Confidentiality
4. Personal characteristics, including: high intuition, exceptional analytical skills, and sensitivity plus care and thought at every facet of project delivery. A personal commitment to delivering results is our basis for accepting any engagement.

We do not endorse nor market any person, product, service, software or other intellectual property. is a professional practice providing pure services to corporate Clients. We think and speak independently of any people resource delivered, providing counsel and perspective directly to senior management teams


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