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Candidate Interview Session # Method Content Typical Duration
(gleaned during 1st or 2nd candidate development call) Phone Initial Opportunity Discussion, Analytics, Attraction 30 to 90 minutes
Session #1 Phone Setting the Stage, Key Interview Questions 90 minutes
Session #2 Phone Candidate Questions + Full Question Set 90 minutes
Session #3 Face to Face Candidate Questions + Full Question Set 60 to 120 minutes
Session #4 Phone Optional: Candidate Questions + Expanded Question Set  
Session #5 Optional:
Expanded Face to Face
Optional: Dinner Meeting with Candidate & Spouse  
Post Interview Debriefing Phone   20 to 30 minutes
Offer Presentation/Negotiation Phone/Optional:
Face to Face
  30 to 60 minutes
Total Time Investment     5 to 7.5 Hours